Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the dates for the Kissimmee 2019 Auction?
    • The Kissimmee 2019 Auction will be held Monday, February 11 - Thursday, February 14 2019. The auction will begin at 9 am Eastern each day.
    • What is selling each day?  Please click the link to see schedule. JMA Florida 2019!



  • How do I participate as a vendor in the Kissimmee 2018 Auction? 2019 Kissimmee Exhibitor Packet
    • You may participate as a vendor by completing the Exhibitor Packet and submitting full payment  by January 14th 2019.  
    • Who will are the exhibitors this year?  2019 Kissimmee Exhibitors


  • Will golf carts be avilable for rent on site?
    • Yes! Please visit Golf Cart Rental from Mid Florida Golf Cars for full details on how to rent your golf cart on site.  Can I take my own golf cart on site?  Yes you can!  You have to see office to get sign a release of liability and get a golf cart pass.  If your cart does not have a pass you will be requested to remove the cart from our property or instructed to go to office and get a pass. 


  • How do I get an invitation to the auction if I am from out of the country?


  • Do I have to pay a deposit to bid?  Please see the term and conditions of the auction for full terms.  However, a deposit may be required if you have no bidding history with Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc.

Yes, all of our auctions are open to the public with the exception of our firearms auctions. There is never a fee to attend or register to bid for our auctions.

All buyers pay sales tax unless you have a valid resale certificate and the item is being purchased for resale or being exported out of the United States. 

If we hold an auction outside of the State of MS, that state's sales tax laws apply. 

MS Sales Tax Rates:

Standard Sales Tax: 7%

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax: 5%

Semi Trucks & Trailers over 10,000 lbs: 3%

Farm Tax Rate: (affidavit must be signed) 1.5%

All buyers are responsible for pickup and transportation of their purchased items.  Jeff Martin Auctioneers does not ship any purchased items.  

It's easy!  Bring a current photo ID and any tax exemption paperwork you have if you are a dealer.  It takes about 10 minutes to register the day of auction.  Please see the buying tab at the top of this page for more details.


There is a link located at the top of each page of our website labled "Online Biddling".  Click that link and you will be taken to a page with a list of auctions that offer online bidding.  You will see a button on the auction that reads "Request to Bid".  Click that link and you will be taken to a page that will give you the option to log in if you have bid with us in the past or an option that is labled "Register Now".  Follow the instructions from there! Once we have received your registration and request to bid, we will send you a short registration form to complete.  Of course if you need assistance you can always call us at the office and we can walk you through the process. Please note there is an additional 2% fee added to online purchases.

We offer multiple ways to pay your invoices.  The easiest and quickest is to pay by credit card on our website.  Once you have received your invoice, go to Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc Payment Portal and you will see several options to pay invoice or deposit to bid.  

You can wire your payment following the wiring instructions that are in the email with your invoice or find them at the link below

Click here for Jeff Martin Auctioneers Wiring Instructions

You may also bring cash, certified funds, Check with bank letter of guarantee. 

When the auction has completely closed, our invoicing department will prepare invoices and send them to your email address.  Our online only auctions typically begin closing out at 11 a.m. on the final day, and usually last into the afternoon.  Depending on the number of lots and number of buyers, most invoices are sent out that afternoon.  However, on a large auction that lasts late into the afternoon/evening, it may be the next business day before invoices are received.  For Live and Online auctions, invoices are sent out the next business day following the auction. 

Each auction has a set of “Auction Terms and Conditions” that specifies the pickup dates for that auction.  It is important that you read the terms and conditions, as some items are available for pick up by appointment only, and only for a certain specified number of days.  Any items not picked up during the time frame may be subject to storage fees.

If you are bidding in a Live and Online auction, then you will be hearing the auctioneer as the auction is going on, just the same as if you are here in person.  The auctioneer will announce the winning bidder’s number and the amount that the item sold for. 

If you are bidding in an Online Only auction, then you will see on your screen whether you are the high bidder, or if you’ve been outbid.  You can also elect to receive emails notifying you every time you’ve been outbid on an item. 

You will receive an invoice at the email that you registered with following the auction.  It will include your purchases, the total including buyer’s premium, taxes due, title fees, etc.

Sometimes the auction industry uses terminology that you may not be used to hearing.  The National Auctioneers Association has a great glossary resource that you may find helpful.  Of course we encourage you to always ask any Jeff Martin Auctioneers staff member with any questions.

Natiional Auctioneers Association Auction Glossary

A buyers premium is charged to each lot sold in an auction.  This fee is collected to help us cover the cost of doing the auction.  The standard fee is 10% on the first $2500.00 and 2% on the balance of the item but this can change from auction to auction.  Please verify the buyer premium being charged at each auction.  You as the buyer pays this fee on each lot.

Example of buyers premium of 10% on the first $2500.00 and 2% on the balance of the item.  

1) You bid $100.00 on an item and you are the high bidder.  You will pay $110.00 plus taxes and fees for that item.  

2) You bid $5000.00 on an item and you are the high bidder.  You will pay $5300.00 plus taxes and fees for that item.

A title fee is charged to any auction item sold in the auction that is titled.  The fee is normally $40 and is paid by both dealers and public buyers.  This fee is collected to cover the expense of processing a title.

The State of MS requires that a fee of $50 is collected when an ATV, Go-Kart, Motorcycle, or ALTERED Golf Cart is sold in the State of Mississippi.  This fee is paid to the State of MS and Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc.  makes no money or profit on this fee.   This fee is only charged for these items when sold in the state of Mississippi. 

Click here for more information about State of MS Trauma Fee

We automatically add a wire fee to all internet buyers’ invoices, because most of our buyers do pay by wire transfer.  However, if you are paying by another method, you can deduct the $20 fee from your balance and pay the remainder.  We will adjust our invoices accordingly once you have paid.  If you would like to pay by wire please use the instructions below. 

Jeff Martin Auctioneers Wire Instructions

Each auction has a set of “Auction Terms and Conditions” that specifies where the items are located.   Some of our auctions have all items located here at our auction facility, and some are located off site.  It is important that you read the terms and conditions prior to bidding to make sure that you are able to pick the items up at their location.