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The excitement was in the air this past weekend as the Jeff Martin Auctioneers in Brooklyn, Mississippi, hosted the prestigious 2023 Mississippi Auctioneers Association (MAA) Auctioneer State Championship. The event, scheduled for Saturday, May 20th, attracted a host of talented and committed auctioneers from across the state.

The Championship, exclusive to licensed Mississippi Auctioneers in good standing with the Mississippi Auctioneer Commission, is a testament to the high standards of professionalism, commitment, and integrity that the MAA upholds. All entrants were required to be current MAA members and Mississippi residents. Jeff Martin Auctioneers graciously provided the items auctioned during the contest, allowing the contestants to focus entirely on showcasing their auctioneering skills.

The competition was thorough and intense, judged by a committee of five, using a detailed scoresheet with categories such as Presentation, Chant/Voice, Effective Auctioneering, and Interview. The contest was designed to be a fair and transparent process, with every decision made by the committee being final.

After an electrifying day of competition, the winners emerged. Congratulations to Mr. Jason Monroe, the 2nd Runner-Up position; Mr. Bryce Alan Elemond, the 1st Runner-Up; and Mr. Joey McCann, the 2023 Mississippi Auctioneers Association Auctioneer State Champion! Their hard work, talent, and dedication to the craft shone through as they competed in this intense competition.

Jeff Martin Auctioneers was thrilled to host the Championship, and we applaud the hard work and dedication of all contestants. The event was an inspiring display of the passion and talent that lies within the Mississippi auctioneering community.