K9s For Warriors

Jeff Martin Auctioneers is Partnering with K9s For Warriors to Help Veterans

Jeff Martin Auctioneers practices the philosophy of when you learn, you teach, and when you get, you give. 2021 was a year of tremendous growth for the company with the acquisitions of Fahey Sales and Ryan Auctions and the creation of a strategic partnership with Freije Auctioneers. K9 For Warriors is a charity near and dear to Jeff and Kellie Martin. Both have always loved animals and have deep respect for our veterans. Knowing service dogs that will help facilitate healing and recovery of veterans willing to give up everything was a key decision factor in this selection. “To be able to provide a highly trained service animal who is also a companion to our veterans is important to us as a family and a company,” said Jeff Martin, CEO and president. “Our soldiers and veterans are willing to risk everything so we can have freedom. K9 For Warriors allows us, the people, a way to give back to our veterans.”