Experience the Difference with Jeff Martin Auctioneers

At Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc, our customers are important to us. They are the life of our business. We strive to uphold our mission “to consistently provide our customers with the best value-added service with the highest level of integrity, honesty and professionalism in the auction industry” daily.  On Friday, we received a letter from one customer who shared their experience and we could not be any proud of our staff for going above and beyond to help this gentleman out. This is the difference you can experience at Jeff Martin Auctioneers. To celebrate a job well done, the staff was enjoyed a BBQ lunch provided by Jeff Martin.

Mr. Martin I just want to give a shout out to you and your Team to let you know young man, YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. My wife and I attended your auction this past week end over at Brooklyn, you were better prepared for the safety of your customers than most doctors office are in the area when it came to our safety in this pandemic. Temperature check, sanitizer, mask all given taken care of by a friendly staff. Of course we spent money, so on Monday, we came over to pick up our stuff. On our way there our dully transmission messed up. When we asked the staff at the gate if it was okay to park it and leave it just outside your gates, as busy as they were they stopped and helped us in any way they could to get parked out of the way until we could check things out. Ended up having My son come over from Greene County with another truck and trailer, got the tractor we had purchased that day, however we had to leave the dully until the next morning. Now buddy I'm here to tell you. Your staff went above and beyond the call of duty to help get that dully on the third trailer we had. Offering help any way they could for us to bring it home. Had it not been for your staffs help, I think I would have just junked it. The kindness they showed an ole man was just remarkable and so appreciated. I've been in the oil field over 57 legal years, and since birth with my daddy. I've dealt with a lot of different attitudes, but your employees are top notch when it comes to customer service. From the front door to the back gate always a smile and time to answer your questions. That is something young man you don't find everywhere today, especially us ole jokers. Mr. Martin I want to especially recognize the ones who so compassionately help me and my family. I know they had other things to do but they took the time to extend a helping hand and made me feel at ease in a bad situation. I don't know all the names, but I do know Ms. Janean Rowe and Mr. James Byas was just as professionally nice as anyone could have been. When they saw the problems of an ole man I didn't have to ask they stepped up and before I knew it Skip and another young man Shanon were all working those lifts and what would have taken me hours to figure out was over in 10 minutes. The best part though I left you facility feeling like I had done them a favor when in reality they had me. Thank you for your wonderful management and you work ethics. It was a pleasure doing business with good people. I cannot express how much it was appreciated. Thank you and God Bless,

- Mr. Paul W. Bounds, Jr.