Getting Ready to Bid on Golf Carts? Follow These Easy Inspection Steps!

Jeff Martin Auctioneers offers something for everyone at our regular construction and agricultural equipment auctions. One class of items that everyone finds both useful and fun is our inventory of golf carts, ATVs, and similar vehicles. To bid and buy a golf cart confidently, Jeff Martin Auctioneers staff complete a basic description and take pictures and videos of the items we sell. However, we strongly recommend anyone thinking about bidding on a golf cart inspect the inventory first. Inspecting a golf cart involves thoroughly examining its mechanical, electrical, and structural components. All our Live and Online auctions are open for public preview before and on the auction day. We recommend taking the time to personally inspect any golf carts you are interested in bidding on by using the eight steps : 1. Check the battery: The battery is the most critical component of an electric golf cart. Ensure that the battery terminals are clean and free from corrosion. Test the battery voltage and ensure it is within the acceptable range. 2. Inspect the tires: Check the tires for wear and tear and ensure they have adequate air pressure. If the tires are worn out you should bid with the replacement cost in mind. 3. Check the brakes: The brakes are crucial for the safety of the golf cart. Check the brakes and brake cables for any signs of wear and tear. 4. Inspect the suspension: The suspension system of the golf cart should be checked for damage or wear. Check the shocks, springs, and other suspension components. 5. Check the steering system: Inspect the steering wheel and the steering column for any damage. Check the steering linkage, tie-rod ends, and steering box for any signs of wear. 6. Inspect the body and frame: Check the frame of the golf cart for any signs of damage or corrosion. Check the body panels for any dents or cracks. 7. Check the lights: Ensure that all the lights, including the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals, function correctly. 8. Test drive the golf cart: Take the golf cart for a test drive and check its performance. Ensure that it starts smoothly, accelerates and brakes correctly, and handles well. By following these steps, you can thoroughly inspect a golf cart and ensure it is safe and reliable. When you are ready to bid, you can do so at