Upgrade Your Fleet with The 57-Foot Triaxle Trailer Auction

Jeff Martin Auctioneers offers an excellent opportunity for transportation companies and over-the-road truck operators in the American West. On Tuesday, April 18th at 10 AM MT, Jeff Martin Auctioneers will offer thirty-one (31) Utility, 57-foot Triaxle Van Trailers at an online auction. These trailers are well-maintained and ready to go to work for you and your fleet. Bidding is now open on all lots; previews are available by appointment. The only bidding format puts you in control of when and where you bid. It is easy to do from a phone, mobile device, or computer.

There are several reasons to consider these particular trailers for your fleet: 1. Increased Payload Capacity: A triaxle trailer typically has a higher payload capacity than a tandem axle trailer of the same length. This additional payload can be beneficial for transporting larger volumes of goods or heavier cargo. 2. Better Stability: Triaxle trailers offer better stability on the road, especially in challenging weather conditions. Improved stability can help reduce the risk of accidents or damage to the cargo. 3. Improved Fuel Efficiency: A triaxle trailer can offer improved fuel efficiency compared to a tandem axle trailer. This improved efficiency comes from the additional axle distributing the weight more evenly, reducing the drag on the tires and resulting in less fuel consumption. 4. Cost-Effective: While a triaxle trailer may be more expensive upfront compared to a tandem axle trailer, it can be cost-effective in the long run due to its increased capacity, stability, and potential fuel efficiency.

Ultimately, buying a 57' triaxle dry trailer would depend on your specific transportation needs, budget, and applicable regulations in your area. The Jeff Martin Auctioneers team of specialists is standing by to help you register to bid and answer all your questions. Visit www.jeffmartinauctioneers.com for more details. We invite you to Experience the Difference with our family-owned auction company.